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Universal Dining is a conceptual dining project conceived under Select Group's "Universal Dining" business model, the themed food courts at Changi Airport Terminal 2 and Singapore Expo are aptly named for their fanfare of Singapore cuisine.
The main idea of the development is to allow foodies a uniquely Singapore dining experience.

The main idea of the development is to allow foodies a uniquely Singapore dining experience.

In the quest of being a food paradise for local cuisines, Universal Dining's biggest draw is its easily accessible, one-stop gateway to a spread of savoury, zesty and delicious Singapore food, saving gastronomes the hassle of having to comb the island to satisfy their palates for our famed multi-racial and mouth-watering cuisines.

Singapore Food Trail is a unique 1960s themed food street in Singapore and an exciting dining attraction, located in the heart of the iconic Singapore Flyer, which will bring back fond memories of the good old days.

Set against the nostalgic backdrop of the swinging 60s, the Singapore Food Trail will transport visitors back to a bygone era, to a time when people savoured popular local delights along the road side. To bring back the nostalgic charm of olden Singapore, the Singapore Food Trail will feature specially-customised pushcarts and makeshift stalls along a tarmac road.

Apart from creating an authentic 60s atmosphere and décor, Singapore Food Trail will delight food lovers with a mouth-watering selection of some of Singapore's best hawker fare. Food lovers will be able to enjoy famous local dishes such as Boon Tat Street Barbeque Seafood, Sin Ming Road Rong Chen Bak Kut Teh, Alhambra Satay Club Satay and old-time favourites like Chinatown Ann Chin Popiah, ice balls, and Kachang Puteh.

Singaporeans can reminisce about those carefree days while tourists will be able to experience the rich flavour of Singapore's well-known food heritage in a one-of-a-kind dining experience.

The revitalized Chinatown Food Street celebrates the assembly of specialty dishes from main Chinese dialects and the different races in Singapore, all under one roof. Located on Smith Street in the heart of Chinatown, the revitalised Chinatown Food Street seeks to create the most authentic Singapore dining experience for locals and tourists alike.

From a tantalizing plate of Char Kway Teow, to sticks of mouthwatering Satays, Chinatown Food Street offers a diverse spread of local delights, with iconic food from local cultures all represented on one street.

With street hawker stalls, shophouse restaurants and ad hoc street kiosks, complete with the al-fresco dining style along the street, one can revisit the Chinatown of old at Chinatown Food Street. Newly constructed high-ceiling glass canopy shelter and internal spot cooling system allow diners to indulge in culinary pleasures regardless of rain or shine. Now fully pedestrianised, visitors can dine in comfort along Smith Street from day to night.

Singapore Food Street is a 1960s themed food street located at Changi Airport Terminal 3 Transit area. The assembly of Singapore's local delights in our iconic airport allows both locals and tourists to enjoy their favourite local dishes right before leaving the sunny shores of Singapore.

Take a walk down memory lane and reminisce about the good old days as you savour local delights prepared from the makeshift carts and stalls inspired by a food street from early Singapore era. From a plate of aromatic Hainanese Chicken Rice to a bowl of comforting Bak Kut Teh, Singapore Food Street offers a diverse spread of local favourites that is nostalgic to the last bite